Sunday, June 30, 2013

BB&T Atlanta Open 2013 - new stadium construction details

The new Nussli tennis stadium for the 2013 BB&T Atlanta Open has arrived and is being assembled at Atlantic Station for this year's tournament:

All should be completed and ready for the tournament, which runs from Saturday, July 20 (qualifying) through Sunday, July 28 (singles and doubles finals).  Here is a picture of what the assembled stadium should look like:

Here is a close-up view of what the new seating will be (entry portal to the left):

I am very much looking forward to volunteering for a third year in a row, working as a scorekeeper, as well as attending the finals in prime (third row) seating with friends, for the fourth straight year.

Check out the tournament's website (link above) to get your tickets!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

BB&T Atlanta Open 2013 now 4 weeks away

While the Atlantic Station site doesn't look like much as yet, four weeks from today the 2013 BB&T Atlanta Open tennis tournament will be underway. Qualifying starts Saturday, July 20 and the finals are Sunday, July 28.
Evidently the new stadium has already been constructed elsewhere, and will be shipped and reassembled (like a big puzzle) for this year's event, bringing an even more professional feel to the tournament.

I can't wait! Get your tickets now at the tournament's official website.