Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's someone else's turn

I wasn’t particularly disappointed that the top four men’s seeds didn’t make it to the semi-finals for the second straight Major and the first time in more than 15 years at Wimbledon yesterday – because Roger Federer lost to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – nor was I upset that the Williams sisters were bounced out on Monday before the tournament’s quarterfinals. I’ve grown weary of greedy past champions that don’t share well.

I mean, when is enough enough? How many Grand Slam titles does Federer need anyway? He already has two more than Pete Sampras, his closest competitor. And Venus and Serena have made Wimbledon their near exclusive club for over a decade. But that was some fifth set by the Bryan Brothers, eh?

Finally, the women’s semi-finals will feature 3 new young guns & an old lady (24!), who’s only won the tournament once (when she was 17!), Maria Sharapova. We’re guaranteed to have a men’s final that features at least one player that’s never made it to a Wimbledon final before and if Andy Murray can defeat history’s demons, and 10-time Grand Slam champ Rafael Nadal, we’ll have two.

Should make for a great championship weekend!

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