Monday, February 6, 2012

Our ALTA mixed teams are in contention with two weeks to go!

As I’ve written, an ALTA season is much more enjoyable when one’s team has a chance to win a bag tag, or make the playoffs, and both our senior and regular mixed doubles team are still in a position to do this five weeks into the season.

Saturday morning, after a rainy night in Georgia, the sky was overcast but our home courts were dry for the most part. By the end of our matches shortly after noon, it was a beautiful sunny day and we stayed to play a while longer. Even though we were playing the first place team, we took 3 of 4 lines and our ALTA senior mixed team now finds itself in first place with one week to go. At our level, the seventh week will actually be the first week of playoffs.

Except for the fact that regular mixed matches begin at 1 PM vs. 10 AM for seniors, Sunday was almost a carbon-copy of Saturday weather-wise. While we couldn’t have started as early as 10 or even 11 AM or noon on Sunday, by 1 PM the conditions were good enough and, shortly thereafter, cloudy skies gave way to a bright, mostly clear afternoon … and we stayed to play a couple of sets after our matches were done. Our team took 4 of 5 lines and remained in a 3-way tie for second place, and a point closer to the first place team than we were last week. Plus, the schedule favors us since we’ll be playing two of the last place teams in our division while the team(s) ahead of (or tied with) us have to play each other.

All in all it was an unexpectedly gorgeous weekend for playing tennis, and our teams’ performances made it that much more enjoyable.

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