Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No offense to Isner-Mahut, but Djokovic-Murray are the real marathon men of tennis

It's one thing to rear back and hit aces (or first strike forehands) past an immobile opponent over the course of three calm and sunny days on the soft grass of Wimbledon in front of the quiet and respectful audience at the All-England Club, it's quite another to have to contend with swirling 18 MPH winds and an incredibly fit opponent that runs everything down (33 and 54 shot rallies!), forcing multiple deuces in virtually every game over the course of 5 hours on a hard-court in front of a raucous 'night' crowd in New York.

Let's not forget that Djokovic-Murray played another 50 game, near 5 hour semi-final match at Australia's Open at the start of this year's Grand Slam season (and that Djokovic followed that with a 55 game, near 6 hour match over Rafael Nadal two days later) ... INCREDIBLE!

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