Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BB&T Atlanta Open 2013 - new seating chart

This year's BB&T Atlanta Open at Atlantic Station will have a new seating chart!

Whereas last year's seating featured a pedestrian walkway behind Row F in the "end-zones", the 2013 layout will have two portals for entry and 12 consecutive rows (A-M) for seating. The south end-zone will also features suites, in addition to those on Market Street (from the 2012 layout), and the sponsor (BB&T) suite will be located in the northwest corner. Below is a chart of the new Stadium Court:

Tickets are now available for the July 20-28 event and volunteering opportunities are expected to be posted on the tournament's website by May 5.


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  3. Hi,
    I had last year Section 216, Row CC, Seats 69 and 70. Would you know what this would be about at the new seat plan?
    Would like to surprise someone and have the "same" seats.

  4. Unfortunately there isn't an equivalent "upper deck" on the SE corner of the stadium like last year. The nearest would be Section 118 or 119, Row N, but they will cost more than 216 did last year. To sit in relatively the same price range this year, you'll need to purchase tickets on the West side of the stadium (in the shade!), Gold section, 105 (?), higher letter rows.