Saturday, July 22, 2017

The 2017 BB&T Atlanta Open Tennis Tournament is underway!

Although I didn't get to see any tennis today - my shift was ending just as the rain was starting - I did enjoy my first volunteer gig for the tournament since 2014.  Since I'm 'working' in volunteer services, I assisted with lunch today, asking "sandwich or wrap", then serving it and directing other volunteers to the condiments,chips and drinks.  Thrilling, right?

Actually it was a lot of fun because it's a people business; I saw some familiar faces - including my coordinator Claire, who's been with the Atlanta tournament all but the first year - and met some new folks like Louis and Tricia, the other coodinator.  So much fun, am looking forward to my shifts Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this coming week.  Don't forget to stop by and say hello!

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