Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nadal opens Twitter account

Is this big news? Well, I guess I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t think so given that this blog’s feed is posted to Twitter every time I write something here. For those who care, my handle is @atltennisblog (naturally;-)

According to Brad Gilbert (@bgtennisnation), Roger Federer is the only holdout among the ATP Top 5 to not be a part of Twitter. I do remember that the Fed posted pictures of his twins shortly after they were born, but I guess that was on his website vs. Twitter. In any case, Twitter is my way of keeping up with the latest insights from BG and Darren Cahill (@darren_cahill), in addition to each of the Grand Slam tournaments, the USTA, the ATP, Tennis Magazine (@tennis) and a few other interests I have. I don’t follow individual players, though I do seek out & read tweets from (e.g.) Novak Djokovic (@DjokerNole) at the end of a major tournament, out of curiosity. Andy Roddick (@andyroddick) used to tweet some funny stuff, but I think he’s lost his sense of humor. I also don’t solicit followers and am frequently amused by those who “follow” me for 24 hours, e.g. long enough to see if I’ll then “follow” them back. Kind of like my cellphone, I carry it so that I can reach you, not so you can reach me … and I can get quite annoyed when my Timeline gets cluttered up with posts by persons I haven’t explicitly chosen to follow. Perhaps those few that do follow me – for more than 24 hours – have found something in my biweekly posts that educates, amuses or enriches them in some way … and one of them is my U.S. Congressman!

Don’t get me wrong, Twitter is an important “channel”, but Google remains the primary way in which people have found this content, and it’s not even close (something like 30 to 1, traffic-wise).

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