Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's dribblings

Wasn’t sure what to name this blog … didn’t have too much to share this morning. Decided it’s too early to post my later round men’s U.S. Open picks given that Friday’s blog carried the tournament through the third round, so this Thursday’s (or next Monday’s) post will be more accurate if I just wait. Plus, with Clijsters out and Serena back on the warpath, I’m just not that interested in the women’s draw; perhaps it’ll get more interesting after the first week.

My Ultimate Tennis partner and I won our last regular season match in straight sets on Friday which, as I’ve written, probably disqualifies us for the playoffs. But I decided to plea via e-mail for putting us in the next higher level’s playoff draw so that we can at least play one more match, given the fact that we had a bye and a withdrawal week, only 4 matches for our entry fee this summer. I’ll let you know what happens. I mean, it’s not our fault that we were placed in a weak division at our playing level, or that their doubles league isn’t mature enough to have their leveling done accurately enough yet.

One interesting thing about our match last Friday night, which started at 7 PM but was fully engulfed in darkness (save for our court’s lights) by the time it ended, was what happened in the final game. We’d won the first set 6-2 and my partner was serving for the second set and the match at 5-4, 40-love when all of a sudden two things happened: one of our opponents, who was playing with a racquet that might be deemed illegal per it’s huge string gap holes and spaghetti strings, finally figured out how to return of serve consistently into uncomfortable positioning for us – over my head with a high bounce for my partner’s backhand – and my partner started to double fault. The game then went on for at least a dozen deuces. In fact, when it was over (we won the set 6-4), I told my partner that he should feel lucky – and may have set a record – because not many people can serve double digit double faults in the same game, and still win it!

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  1. Unfortunately, Ultimate Tennis decided to disqualify us for the playoffs AND deny us a spot in the next higher playoff draw (despite giving 8 first round byes at that level!). Oh well, guess they aren't too interested in retaining players in their new league.