Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pushing the pause button on ALTA and USTA league tennis

Last night, our neighborhood's (first ever) senior men's ALTA team lost its semi-final playoff match to a very good team, that should win a city championship. Last Sunday, our B-2 winter city champion mixed doubles team lost its quarterfinal playoff match to the team that should win the A-9 summer city championship. In two weeks, our 2012 city champion USTA mixed doubles team will be heading for Augusta to defend its 2011 Georgia state championship title; wish us luck!

In short, by the grace of God, my last two years of tennis have been blessed, especially this year since the teams I have played on have won six out of six division titles - I have five 2012 ALTA bag tags, which may be the most possible to this point in the year, and a USTA one - and two city championships. Personally, I have been involved in 23 wins out of 28 matches (winning 82% of 'my' matches) in 2012; two matches were suspended, else my and my various partners' record would likely be 24 out of 30 matches (80%) won.

Having played so much tennis - every team has made at least the second round of playoffs, and two went "all the way" - this year, it's time for me to take a break from league tennis. I may or may not make the trip to Augusta this year - my skills aren't likely to be needed - and I didn't rejoin my men's spring ALTA team for the fall. However, I did just sign up for my first season of flex League Tennis, to play singles again after a 5-year layoff, and will likely play "over 50" T2 with my partner from last fall again, so I'm not giving up the sport.

I've just decided to take a break from the 'politics' of team league tennis for now, with my year's bag tag streak unblemished, to refocus on my own game and improvement of skills; I might even hire a coach. Who knows, given the serenity I'm likely to earn by changing the things I can, I may not be so keen to join the fray where I have to accept the things I can't;-)

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