Monday, January 14, 2013

Second ALTA weekend much like the first, B-5 tougher than A-8?

For the second straight weekend, our B-5 Senior mixed team split lines with our opponent while our A-8 regular mixed team won all 5 lines without dropping a set. This is curious because - with few exceptions - both teams are comprised of the same players, though the lineups have been different. Of course, it could just be the schedule, but B-5 Seniors seems more competitive than it was last winter.

Unfortunately, my results were somewhat the same as well. On Saturday, my regular mixed doubles partner and I (playing Seniors for the first time together) lost our first ALTA match in 5 attempts (dating back to last winter) just like last Saturday, only at a different line with a different partner; I didn't play on Sunday.

Last year - except for January 28, with an unfamiliar partner - I was undefeated in Saturday matches. My Senior men's doubles partner and I won our 4 matches, my regular mixed doubles partner and I won 2 Saturday playoff matches, and were on our way to winning in the City Finals before our line 4 team clinched the title, then I was undefeated in 4 matches with 2 different partners during the spring men's season and again with 2 partners over 3 matches during last summer's mixed season. However, this year, I'm 0-2 on Saturday after having two 4 match winning streaks (with two different partners) snapped.

I guess my team should be happy that I'll be unavailable to play this Saturday;-)

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