Thursday, November 8, 2012

Healed? Just in time for preseason team practices

After 1 day shy of 5 weeks without picking up a tennis racquet, I ventured onto the court last night to see if I'd healed enough to start playing again. I think I am.

I did play golf a couple of weeks ago, twice actually, but that sport doesn't require the same kind of up-and-back, left-to-right etc. movement that tests/strains a groin muscle. In fact, the most "painful" part of playing golf was my warm-up, because lifting my legs high and "kicking my butt" caused me to remember that I still had a slightly less than purple (and fading) bruise on the back of my right thigh, just above the knee. While tender to the touch, I didn't really notice it until I started jostling it about by jogging in place.

Last night, I got to the court early to do plenty of warming up in preparation for the beginning of our seven preseason team practices. Early on, while going for a short ball - the kind that led to my injury in the first place - I felt a little tweak. So I went about 75-80% speed after that. Still, I was able to move, albeit cautiously, and hit the ball, if not consistently.

After practice, I declined to play a set - why push it? - and woke up this morning feeling fine; no limp. However, my groin did feel weak last night, so I googled and found several strengthening exercises on the Internet, which I intend to start doing soon. I've also decided to limit my playing time to these practices, at least for now, until I've had a chance to get stronger. Fortunately, it's still almost 2 months until the winter ALTA season begins. Unfortunately, I didn't heal in time to help my mixed USTA team - which is in the playoffs tomorrow night - this fall.

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