Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ivan Lendl - no, I am not his doppelganger

While practicing with my mixed doubles team last night, one of my signature cross-court forehand rips caused our new coach to dub me "Lendl", a nickname which stuck throughout the evening, and was even picked up by a teammate or 2.

Of course, my ability doesn't even warrant a USTA 4.0 rating, so any comparison with the multi-Grand Slam champion is ridiculous except ... I kind of look like him (or at least did at one time) and I too have only daughters, though he has 1 more.

My mom once cut a picture out of a sports magazine of Lendl and sent it to me; I think I was in college at the time.  I didn't keep it, but it looked something like this:

which kind of, sort of looks like I used to, in this photo anyway:

O.K., maybe it's a stretch.  In more current photos, I see "me" but also my older brother (and even my Dad):

whereas I look quite different (I think he has bigger lips, and more teeth;-)

BTW, it was hard to find a photo of me that wasn't "teethy".  What do you think?

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