Thursday, January 12, 2012

The best laid plans

... of mice and men often go awry. Will this evening be another of those? After last weekend's rained out matches, here we go again. Sure enough, as predicted last Sunday, it hasn't been pleasant weather-wise this week until tonight, and yet, as I write this, rain is now forecasted for just before this evening's scheduled tennis.

In addition to that, through a confluence of events, on an upcoming weekend, I am struggling to put together a complete lineup, and we may have to forfeit a line (or two). It reminds me of something I've recently heard (or read), if you think you're in control (vs. God), just make plans (and He will humble you). It was probably at an Al-Anon meeting, where Step 1 is to admit that "we are powerless".

Nothing to be done but whatever can be in such situations; wish us luck!

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