Monday, January 9, 2012

The first weekend of ALTA was a mixed bag

Don’t you hate rained out matches? It tends to spoil one's weekend at any time, but especially when it's the first match of the season (which I hope is not an omen of things to come!). Last year, we battled snow and ice here in Atlanta in early January, but that was after and between match weekends, right? In any case, rescheduling matches is never fun for anyone, but I hope that we've made the best of it by hosting 4 of the 5 lines at the same time one evening later this week ... will be praying for good weather.

Our senior mixed matches Saturday did take place on-time as scheduled - it started lightly sprinkling just after a brief bit of socialization, when all our matches had been completed - but I understand that some ladies' USTA matches were delayed.

Our team's lineup featured three brand new pairings (at least, for this level and league), and all were successful in winning their matches. Even better, it was a very friendly match atmosphere that included my playing an opponent who also lives in our neighborhood. Ours was the closest match, my more skilled female partner making the difference with her exceptional play at the net. Despite falling behind 1-4 and 3-5 (with our opponents serving for the match) in the first set, we won it 7-5. We also came from 0-3 down in the second set to win it in a tiebreak.

We're now looking forward to playing 3 matches in 4 days starting this Thursday night; wish us luck!

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