Monday, January 23, 2012

More challenges playing winter tennis in Atlanta

Those of us who play winter tennis in Atlanta should be grateful that we can play tennis outside year round, but the first several weeks of January have made this season very challenging, to say the least.

Saturday's senior mixed ALTA matches were rained out and Sunday's regular mixed matches, if played, were in wet conditions that grew increasingly worse as the day wore on.

For those of us who play on both senior and regular mixed teams, a dual weekend rain-out is a disaster waiting to happen. One reason is that there are only so many times available during the week, especially when rain is forecast - as it is for almost this entire week - to makeup the matches, but the main reason is that the regular mixed doubles default time is 1 PM Saturday, right after the next week's senior mixed matches are to be played at 10 AM. If one doesn't play on a large team or one's senior and mixed teams are comprised of the same players, rescheduling can be difficult to impossible. Someone might have to play twice on Saturday! Plus, if you have any teammates that play their flexible league tennis matches during the week, or are members of a USTA team that also plays on Saturdays, you've got real issues as a captain.

It's no wonder that it's hard to find anyone that wants to be a tennis captain.

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