Monday, January 2, 2012

What Novak Djokovic and I have in common

2011 was our best tennis year ever, and 2012 looks to be a good one as well.

I started blogging about tennis a little less than one year ago. I didn’t know at the time that 2011 would play out the way that it did: that I’d have so much (other than my own) tennis to write about – more than a hundred posts in all – but I did. While I began last year as a tennis captain once again, after a five year absence in that role, which I knew would provide me with plenty of fodder for this blog, I had no way of knowing that my year would be filled with such varied experiences: from tennis-related volunteering opportunities to unprecedented team success. Changing racquets and improving my game by adding the drop shot were also unanticipated at last year’s start. All in all, it was a fantastic year, one for the books, from Special Pops to the Atlanta Tennis Championships – which will be held at Atlantic Station in 2012 – plus Ultimate Tennis men’s doubles and USTA mixed doubles (2 division & 1 Georgia) team titles.

Looking forward, having finally assembled an ALTA mixed doubles team that can compete for a bag tag, and with a newly strung racquet in hand, I can’t wait to see what the new year has for me in tennis, and best of luck to that swinging Serbian!

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